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Teach Right recently hosted another Tryazon game day. This time teachers were invited to try a...

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It is so much fun watching children play and use their imaginations. I mean, actually build so...

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Do you know SmartGames USA? - 09/25/2018

Teach Right recently hosted another Tryazon game day. This time teachers were invited to try a variety of games; Colour Code, Penguins on Ice, Quadrillion and Trucky 3. All had very positive reviews. "SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level logic games. The award winning games have multi-level challenges from the very easy to the very challenging: perfect for players of all ages." Teach Right has been a fan of SmartGames USA for some time and welcomed the chance to introduce them to the education market. Check out Quadrillion here: ...
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K'NEX Play Day was a SUCCESS! - 08/13/2018

It is so much fun watching children play and use their imaginations. I mean, actually build something and then use what they built for play. That is what I witnessed last Thursday at our K'NEX Play Day.  We had 5 moms/grandmoms and 6 children, ages 2 to 5, at our party to explore these exceptional building toys. The pieces are colorful and durable with fun extras like eyes, shoes, hair, etc. Moms/grandmoms pitched in and assisted their little people and fun took place. It was a great way to spend a morning! ...
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Learning with Lauri - 08/06/2018

When I started teaching in 1976 my kindergarten classroom was already  supplied with wonderful toys and games. Among those toys were Lauri puzzles and pegboards with pegs. The children loved them and as an educator I found so much value in them. I continued including Lauri products throughout my 30 years of teaching. Now, as an educational resources business owner, I still find value in Lauri. With the help of Play Monster Lauri is on my shelves. #WeLoveLauri  #tryazon  ...
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Drop It by Thames & Kosmos - 05/05/2018

Teach Right just had an in store DROP IT game day to introduce our customers to this strategy game. We had a good turn out and all had a blast. Drop It is marketed for ages 8+. We had a 6 year old, 3 teenagers and 6 adults and all got engaged in the competitive spirit right away. Each family went home with a game.  The game boxes were opened and all pieces were laid out. There are different levels so this game grows with you. We started with the beginner level. I went over the directions and encouraged each group to read them.The most difficult part of this game is learning the scoring. Once that is clear you're ready to play.  I recommend...
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Do you like roller coaster rides? - 11/17/2015

Owning an educational supply store is much like a roller coaster ride. With internet resources, online shopping and the big box stores' low cost products, it is a trick to entice shoppers to come into the store. We ride this roller coaster up and down and all around the twists and turns.  January to April is spent chugging up the incline, curving this way and that, taking a deep breathe after inventory is done, deciding which promotions to take from our suppliers and attending shows. Business is slow, especially during Spring Break, but we hold onto the safety bars of our roller coaster car because we know the thrill coming. Many of our cus...
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My, how time flies when you are having fun! - 04/08/2015

Have you ever experienced the "quick" passing of time? When I first started my teaching career I looked at retirement as unreachable. Then, bam! 30 years had passed. After leaving the classroom I opened my dream shop! My new adventure has been just as rewarding as teaching. Teach Right opened in 2008 as a "Parent-Teacher Store" and it is hard to believe that 7 years have already passed. We specialize in educational resources for students in Preschool thru Grade 8. We offer quality materials to teachers, home educators, parents, grandparents, churches, daycares, and anyone else vested in the educational development of our children. We carry classroom supplies, profes...
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Stepping out of my Comfort Zone - 09/27/2013

Writing does not come naturally to me. I struggle with each sentence, going back and forth to make it "sound just right". As the owner of Teach Right it was recommended that I start a blog. I hesitated, but with encouragement from Steph and directions from Andrea, I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Here goes! Please indulge me this one time and let me tell you about Teach Right. Teach Right is a brick and mortar retail store with an online catalog, as well. We supply parents and educators with quality materials to make learning fun. You will find classroom supplies, books, toys, games, and gifts at Teach Right. On site we have children...
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