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Teach Right recently hosted another Tryazon game day. This time teachers were invited to try a...

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It is so much fun watching children play and use their imaginations. I mean, actually build so...

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Do you like roller coaster rides?

Owning an educational supply store is much like a roller coaster ride. With internet resources, online shopping and the big box stores' low cost products, it is a trick to entice shoppers to come into the store. We ride this roller coaster up and down and all around the twists and turns. 

January to April is spent chugging up the incline, curving this way and that, taking a deep breathe after inventory is done, deciding which promotions to take from our suppliers and attending shows. Business is slow, especially during Spring Break, but we hold onto the safety bars of our roller coaster car because we know the thrill coming. Many of our customers during this time are parents searching for supplemental materials to help their children prepare for standardized testing.

May finds us a little further up the incline, anticipating the wild ride down the other side, but not quite there yet. We've gotten most of our new inventory logged into the POS and displayed. School's winding down and our customers are looking for the perfect Teacher Appreciation gift. Later in the month parents are anxious for activities to educate as well as entertain for the summer ahead.  A few teachers are purchasing for their classrooms so they don't have to think about it "over the summer". 

The incline is really steep in June and we take some sharp curves. Children's activities consume the ride. Arts and crafts are fun and fast paced and make the hot summer days pass quickly but we're not at the pinnacle yet. 

And then it happens! We are at the top of the highest point of the ride. July, August and September are when the thrill over takes us. Whee! Down we go! Lean to the right! Lean to the left! Whee! Hearts pounding, laughing so hard we almost pee our pants. There is nothing like it. It's the "busiest time of the year!" Teachers everywhere! They are so excited about their hopes and dreams for their new students and we're there to help them!

Then.... It's over. We chug along the track through October, having fun with Halloween and bringing in more educational toys and games for the 4th quarter. Most of November we're back on the slow track. Everybody's pockets tighten up in anticipaiton of the upcoming holidays. But then speed picks up a little. Oh, look! What's that up ahead? There's a tunnel! Wait, there's a pool of water. SPLASH! We've made it through Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. We experienced the joy of Christmas with our customers and we find ourselves at the end of the ride. What a fun time we have had!

Let's do it again! We love our store!