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Teach Right recently hosted another Tryazon game day. This time teachers were invited to try a...

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It is so much fun watching children play and use their imaginations. I mean, actually build so...

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Drop It by Thames & Kosmos

Teach Right just had an in store DROP IT game day to introduce our customers to this strategy game. We had a good turn out and all had a blast.

Drop It is marketed for ages 8+. We had a 6 year old, 3 teenagers and 6 adults and all got engaged in the competitive spirit right away. Each family went home with a game. 

The game boxes were opened and all pieces were laid out. There are different levels so this game grows with you. We started with the beginner level. I went over the directions and encouraged each group to read them.The most difficult part of this game is learning the scoring. Once that is clear you're ready to play. 

I recommend this game for all ages!

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